New 2021 Riteway Riteway Haukass Bale Cart Bale Mover

Riteway Bale Carrier by Haukaas

The Bale Cart is designed for farmers and ranchers with large numbers of bales to move. Just like the grain cart, which is a link between your combine and the semi-truck, the Bale Cart is the best link between your baler and the semi-truck.

By gathering bales for efficient loading onto a semi-trailer, you can accomplish in hours what it used to take you days to do. The Bale Cart allows you to gather and set up to 1,000 bales per day into semi load groups. And once you have them in groups, it takes less than 10 minutes to load the bales tube-style onto a semi-trailer. In this fashion, one person can easily gather and move up to 120 bales per hour.

This is what you can do with the Bale Cart

  • Pick bales from 48” to 72” in diameter.
  • Gently gather bales without damaging the wrapping.
  • Pick up bales at over 4 mph and move from bale to bale at 6 mph or faster.
  • Pick up and move 10 bales at a time.
  • Gather Bales into groups to load onto semi-trailer.
  • Set the bales in rows with the right spacing to allow a semi and trailer to drive between them for efficient tube-style loading.
  • Set bales down or load onto in the same position or flat side, to decrease spoilage, and decrease the chances of the bale rolling.
  • Haul the bales up to 4 miles. Bales are held securely with a front and rear gate.
  • Quickly remove ba

Listing details
Manufacturer Riteway
Model Other
Type Bale Mover
Model Year 2021
Horsepower 100
New/Used 1
Drive Type N/A
Stock # RIT
AgDealer Equipment # 1038826
Posted January 13, 2021 in AgDealer
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