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CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND SOLD IN 20 LITRE PAILS FOR COMMERCIAL GARDENS, LAWN CARE PROVIDERS, AND AGRICULTURE, BIO-HUME PLUS+ CAN BE USED IN FURROW, SOIL APPLIED, OR FOLIAR APPLIED.  BIO-HUME PLUS DOES IT ALL!!! Application rates: Field crops In furrow and top dress 7.5-15 litres per acre once per season. Foliar application rate is 5-10 litres per acre 1-2 times per growing season. Pastures and hayland 7.5-15 litres per acre in spring when first growth appears. A second application can be made immediately after first cut. Commercial garden and fruit production in furrow and top dress15-25 litres per acre. Foliar application rate is 10 litres per acre 1-4 times per growing season. Small areas are 250-500 ml per 1000 square feet (93 square metres).  Bio-Hume Plus+ is a blend of ACF-SR biologicals and Liquid Carbon. These products can be custom blended for your specific field requirements. ACF-SR provides 10 Trilllion active bacteria cultures per litre that release tied up phosphate from low and high pH soils. Nitrogen is also converted to a plant useable form and root ball size increases. This product can be used as an "in furrow" application or can be applied directly to the soil just prior to or just after seeding. These two methods of application provide the best soil activity. Bio-Hume Plus+ can also be used as a foliar applied product. There are 3 basic types of Bacteria & Fungi:

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