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Farmers/Landowners check your treelines and old vehicle storage areas. Canadian based upstart film production company looking for a full sized North American (GM, Ford, Dodge) station wagon (with or without side windows) or Suburban/carryall type of vehicle to star in an upcoming vehicle restoration series pilot. Requirements: Vehicle must be complete or substantially intact (engine, drivetrain, glass, interior preferred but not essential to the storyline). Can be running/driving or not, long time parked/forgotten is ok. On wheels for trailer transport. History: If you have and can provide any background information or details pertaining to the vehicles ownership include that as well as any known or documented historical reference such as ownership by a famous Canadian, politician or history maker. Submission Process: Take a minimum of six (6) photos using a phone or digital camera from a distance not exceeding 15 meters (50') that clearly depicts: The vehicles full left hand side, the vehicles full right hand side, the vehicles full front grille/headlamp area, the vehicles full rear tailgate/taillamp area, the complete engine compartment view, a partial interior/dash view as seen from drivers area. Contact info: Include your full name and contact info (indicate your preferred method of contact; phone, text or email). The general geographic region or municipality the vehicle resides in. Note: the exact location of the vehicle, the rural address or legal land description is not required until selection stage. Asking price. Please stipulate your asking price based on the current condition of the vehicle. Email to: [email protected] Riverstone Productions, Back on the Road Pilot Series. A 2026736 Alberta Ltd venture

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Posted June 06, 2019 in Manitoba Co-operator, The Western Producer, Alberta Farmer Express, Farmtario

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